Fusion rapids limit

I saw on another thread that fusion rapids were limited to the cut feedrate. I run the OG crossfire with Mach3. Well I drew a simple test and POST-ed it and checked it with notepad and got this;

N10 G90
N15 G70
(When using Fusion 360 for Personal Use, the feedrate of rapid moves is reduced to match the feedrate of cutting moves, which can increase machining time. Unrestricted rapid moves are available with a Fusion 360 Subscription.)

(2D Profile1)
N20 G0 X3.2855 Y2.3207
N25 M3
N30 G4 P500.
N35 G1 X3.3355 Y2.3222
N40 G3 X0.6813 Y2.2435 I-1.3271 J-0.0394
N45 G3 X3.3355 Y2.3222 I1.3271 J0.0394
N50 M5

N55 G1 X4.5353 Y2.3578 F300. Seems my rapids are still 300 as I set them. Am I correct??
N60 G1 X6.0847 Y3.1714
N65 M3
N70 G4 P500.
N75 G1 X6.0549 Y3.2115 F60.
N80 G3 X7.3042 Y1.5305 I0.6246 J-0.8405
N85 G3 X6.0549 Y3.2115 I-0.6246 J0.8405
N90 M5

N95 G1 X5.3389 Y4.175 F300.
N100 G1 X6.5612 Y5.2535
N105 M3
N110 G4 P500.
N115 G1 X6.5126 Y5.2416 F60.
N120 G3 X8.7267 Y5.7874 I1.1071 J0.2729
N125 G3 X6.5126 Y5.2416 I-1.1071 J-0.2729
N130 M5

N135 G1 X5.9028 Y6.7931
N140 M3
N145 G4 P500.
N150 G1 X5.9527 Y6.7903
N155 G3 X5.954 Y6.8365 I-0.8302 J0.0463
N160 G3 X4.291 I-0.8315 J0.
N165 G3 X5.1225 Y6.005 I0.8315 J0.
N170 G3 X5.9527 Y6.7903 I0. J0.8315
N175 M5

N180 G1 X6.4491 Y8.7216
N185 M3
N190 G4 P500.
N195 G1 X6.4085 Y8.6925
N200 G3 X8.1275 Y9.2456 I0.7705 J0.5531
N205 G3 X6.2305 I-0.9485 J0.
N210 G3 X6.4085 Y8.6925 I0.9485 J0.
N215 M5

N220 G1 X5.4237 Y8.846 F300.
N225 G3 X5.2338 Y8.8654 I-0.3012 J-2.0095
N230 G1 X5.0622 Y8.8756
N235 G1 X3.4564 Y9.094
N240 M3
N245 G4 P500.
N250 G1 X3.506 Y9.0872 F60.
N255 G3 X0.7458 Y9.4627 I-1.3801 J0.1877
N260 G3 X3.506 Y9.0872 I1.3801 J-0.1877
N265 M5

N270 G1 X4.6954 Y8.9255 F300.
N275 G1 X4.7 Y8.9611
N280 G3 X4.3827 Y10.5522 I-2.5741 J0.3138
N285 G1 X3.506 Y12.115
N290 M3
N295 G4 P500.
N300 G1 Y12.065 F60.
N305 G1 X12.04
N310 G2 X12.065 Y12.04 I0. J-0.025
N315 G1 Y0.04
N320 G2 X12.04 Y0.015 I-0.025 J0.
N325 G1 X0.04
N330 G2 X0.015 Y0.04 I0. J0.025
N335 G1 Y12.04
N340 G2 X0.04 Y12.065 I0.025 J0.
N345 G1 X3.506
N350 M5

N355 M30

They’re also available from virtually every other CAD program authored by non-turds…

Hahahaha! :rofl:

That’s funny. Why change it? I guess the people paying that big money for fusion get mad when the poors get the same rapids as they do.

It’s the way of the world. Subscription everything. Drives me insane, along with my right to repair and proprietary diagnostic tools.

Take away things until they find the sweet spot of annoyance that will get people to pay. That’s why I jumped on the Affinity Designer bandwagon, perpetual license and rivals Adobe illustrator.

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I have been programming G-code and conversational for 25 years. So this may help. G0 is a rapid move, G1 is linear and requires a feed rate be specified, the feed rate is modal (remains active until canceled by the G0), G3 is circular. The programmed feed rate for the previous G1 will be used for the G3 unless you want to assign a different feed . If you are editing your G-code program take a little care. To set a rapid move as in line 20 (G0 rapid) you can change the G1 in line 55 and 60 to G0 and etc. Remember to use the Zero and not the OH. And be sure there is a feed rate assigned in the next G1 feed. You can go online and get a list of G-codes and explanation of the use.