Fusion problem plus crashes

fusion 360 is a piece of crap. crashes occasionally, gives no clue for warnings/errors. i will find a different software. sure glad I didn’t pay for it.

Dick, welcome to the forum first of all…

Second, you’re not alone in your feelings about Fusion… If you were using 360 for your toolpathing, obviously, you’ll want to take a look at SheetCam ($149) to fill the void…

If doing mostly artwork, Inkscape seems to be the go-to there… For CAD, lots of other choices… QCAD, FreeCAD, ETC being the most popular… everyone has different ones they like for a variety of reasons. Just choose the one that fits for you and run with it!

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trying inkscape now. another learning curves but seems more friendly.

there are a lot of videos on youtube for plasma help on Inkscape