Fusion post file to Mach3

I have saved my part, the lines look good and when I hit simulate everything looks fine. When I import it into Mach3 it is missing half the lines. Not sure whats happening here and cant figure out how to get all the lines to show up. I made a simple bottle opener as a test piece and the g-code file uploaded perfect, then designed one with text on it and that one doesn’t import all of the design. Anyone experience this or know a solution?

Are you using the demo version of Mach3? Is your program more than 500 lines?

At the top of the Fusion window it says (Startup Licence) does that mean Demo? As far as number of lines, I’m not sure. Will the program tell you how many lines your part is?

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If you hit the help button in mach 3 it will tell whether you are running demo or full license. If you purchased a license and it says demo you didn’t correctly place license in mach 3

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Also did you simulate your cuts after adding lettering if lettering is small the kerf width may not allow you to make those smaller cuts

Hey Blake! Thanks for responding to this! Yes I hit simulate and it shows the path cutting out everything including the lettering. Once I’m off work and back home I’ll hit the help button and report back.

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