Fusion headache

i have a dxf file with many line segments. when generating cut paths there are literally 1000’s to set. Is there anyway to set all paths at once?
I have the Sheetcam trial version and it would do all paths automatically. unfortunately the trial version won’t do that many.

that is why I refer to it as ConFusion360…glad I have Sheetcam…

If you didn’t mind, you might could post your file and someone could fix your file then tell you the problem.

Edit: there is a plugin called sketch checker for fusion to see if lines are connected and a plugin called connect the dots that will usually fix unconnected lines.

Edit Edit: dxf files suck for complex curves like text and the like.

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Just digging up threads from the past… connect the dots still a thing? I’ve went to the file share site it directed me to but could not find a file for me to DL. Unless it is now built into Fusion :thinking:

I can never get connect the dots to work anymore. It either gives me an error of failed to run or it runs and says zero dots connected.