Fusion days are numbered (solved software update issues)

I know most people have moved to sheetcam. I dont do enough to justify paying for the program but i cant take the problems with fusion anymore. I guess Legacy in preferences is not an option anymore. I havent cut anything in a while and now having to reset tools in the NC program. The only plasma ive found is torchmate. The NC ext comes up “.fgc” which use to be “.tap”. Yeah im lost. Anyone familiar that can point me in the right direction here? Im suppose to have this done and powder coated by monday and rather not learn a new program today. Thanks

As in post processor from this early thread?

what an odd file extension.


Greeting Card Factory Greeting Card files?

If you post your files (DXF, SVG,F3D) and cut parameters you would like I am sure someone can put an .NC files together for you to get the project done.

I probably need to walk away and go do something else for half hour then come back to it when im not bent out of shape. All normal last week now this

I got it. The update switched me back to the new version. Nearly blowing a gasket here. Thanks

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Good to hear it. Happy cutting!

I kept going to manufacturing where legacy use to be i thought. Its found in preview options

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