Fusion Can't Handle DXF - Lagging Bad


Been cutting a variety of basic parts, all drawn in Fusion. No problems there.

My issue is when I convert a line-drawing image to a DXF - Fusion bogs down bad, and simply cannot handle a fairly straightforward logo.

Questions are:

  1. Is there an external program to reduce the number of “polylines” (correct me if wrong term) so that a curve isn’t a thousand separate joints? I think that’s the issue Fusion is having.

  2. I’m looking to take black-and-white “clip art” and line drawings, and turn them into the appropriate G-Code for cutting. Is Fusion going to be good for this (not impressed with speed) or are there other programs that work better for this?

I have searched around the forums, but did not find any definitive answers/cures to this issue

Thanks for your patience,

What software are you using to convert the drawings.?

Taking Black and white drawings and
Bitmap tracing is a Piece of cake in Inkscape
Clean up and repair is also very easily done.

You can then convert it to a path and save as a SVG OR DXF for import into FUSION


I used some online converter… may have been my first mistake.

I will give Inkscape a try.

Any experience with Sheetcam and these Crossfire tables?

I tend to use SVG with Fusion as they’re cleaner lines. DXF usually has splined lines vs continuous vectors. So SVGs tend to be cleaner on insert.

If all you’re doing is toolpathing and you don’t mind the additional expense of Sheetcam, I’ve found it works great for toolpath definition & Mach3 code generation. The Crossfire works fine with the tap files from Sheetcam.

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I started out on Fusion, exporting from corel draw. I know vector art pretty well and everything was fine for the first 4 months and tons of files later. Then all the sudden Fusion had another update and since then it broke up all my lines and I get constant toolpath errors. I’v tried SVG and no luck with that. I simply couldn’t even use the program, still can’t to this day. So I got sheetcam. I really like sheetcam. However what I have noticed FUSION generates way more code than sheetcam and for circles it cuts better. With sheetcam you have to slow your circles down. So far the only real diff I have noticed. I can program with sheetcam alot faster than fusion but other than that fusion was good, just breaks up all my lines now. I have corel x7 so maybe if I updated it. Haven’t tried anything with inkscape.


LAST UP DATE FEW DAYS AGAO FUSION 360 all my dxf and svg files now import up side down and the svg’s no longer import in the correct dimensions, my dxf files do but my svg’s don’t.

MORE FUSION UDATE BS to figure out again.

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Get sheetcam, well worth the money Fusion is just too unpredictable and very slow at times. Updates are terrible.

I’m on Fusion right now and want to burn my computer. It is taking forever to do anything on the program after this new update. Getting nothing done today. It’s taking an average of 8 seconds to trim a piece of line. It goes back and forth between working slow and then not responding.

I have had the same difficulties ., with dfx files from varying software and even onlline file converters and even design libraries- and all give me problems in fusion. The problem is DFX protocol itself has issues . It really has too many inconsistencies to be useful across platforms and software… Dont waste your time with DFX importation in fusion… just use SVG. wasted about 2 weeks with this dfx stuff.

I’m not seeing any way to open an svg in Fusion.

Right above the “Insert DXF” command.


Ahhhhh, “insert”. Sneaky :grin:

Nope I just use FUSION. Once you get it down it’s great CAM software.
Everybody just gets caught up in the multitude of functions it has when you only need the basic few especially for the 2x2

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I pretty much import DXF all the time with FUSION. There is a huge post I did a long while back called FUSION FRUSTRATION.

a lot of digging into FUSION FORUMS and INKSCAPE FORUMS help me find out what was going on.
I just sold my 2x2 crossfire today to a talented 18 year old who drove up for GA with his Dad. He’s really good with FUSION and brought some parts he modeled up and cut with a friends crossfire. He uses FUSION SOLEY for everything… And INKSCAPE On occasion.
He cam across my write up and it seems to still work today,
We loaded up a file and cut out a few bottle openers to demo the machine.

He showed me the issues sometimes when importing a dxf he would get if the part wasn’t modeled right in FUSION.
SAME ISSUES I see discussed here over and over.

I’m gonna miss that 2x2 it cut like a champ!

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I am running into a problem I could use some help working through. I loaded a DXF file into Fusion and got the toolpaths selected and the rest. No problem. The post processor generated almost 10000 lines of code which when watching it execute it looks very jittery(if that’s a word) and seems to be processing every line section with starts a stops maybe? Just guessing that’s what is going on. While I can’t see actual starts and stops it does limit the feed speed so that it is so slow the kerf with and dross build-up is crazy. I selected the smoothing feature but it isn’t doing anything that I can tell. Anyone have any ideas or tips?