Fusion Bogs Down Selecting Multiple Contours

Finally got deepnest to work outputting an optimized part layout for a 3x3ft sheet. However, after importing the file into Fusion, it takes half a minute to select any more parts after about 15 or so (with fusion seemingly wanting to crash). This results in me having to make several output cut paths, and attempt to line the parts up between ea set of cuts, which never really do.

Are there any settings that could help reduce this lag so I can get all the cuts into one output file?

The quickest repeat cutting I do is to make the first cut. Return to work zero and move in the x or y direction to the end of your current cut then “Zero all axes.” You are ready to cut you next repeat cut.

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Okay. How do you know you’re back to work zero after you’re done cutting, within 0.20 or so?

The accuracy of the machine should be well within that tolerance. The plasma stream would be the only issue. With good consumables and correct settings you should be ok. You may have some warping due to a thin skeleton.

Post the original export from Deepnest and I’ll show you how to go about selecting those object with minimal bog.

So is it that difficult to manually nest in f360 or do people just like to utilize different programs?

There’s no “optimize nest of N number of parts within X x Y sized sheet” in F360 without paying for a license.

TW, I’ll get on that when I get back to my personal PC

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Fusion 360’s arrange (nesting) is only with available through a paid subscription.

There are few add-on options for Fusion 360 that does nesting.

here is one @DonP found


I got ya! In this case he has a 36x36 could you manually copy and paste say a 12x12? Then group them then copy and paste the 12x12.

Just curious what time I have spent in f360 I was a long way from nesting.

In FireControl you simply press “Go to Work Zero” and the torch will reliably return to the last coordinates where you had “Zeroed all Work Axes”:

After returning to that 'previous Work Zero" you can then move the torch in the x or y direction. You will be able to see in the visualizer when you had cleared the previous cut position. Now you “Zero All Work Axes” again and you are ready to cut your pattern again, in a new section of metal. Kind of like a “poor man’s nesting.”


The patterning function in fire control is nice too. I use it often. In sheetcam your spacing doesn’t count your kerf but fire control will.

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I have tested it and it works as well. I just never know if I have enough metal left for more that one more cut. I seem to always be trying to use up scraps of metal.

But, yes, the nesting function in FireControl is easy to establish.


I know all about scraps I have a pallet of pieces of different sizes I always look for a piece just big enough I don’t have to load a full piece.


I guess that is kind of idiot proof, minus me obviously. Didn’t realize that was a thing. Would be better if it stated “Move Torch XY to Last Work Zero”…

Spose this will help me “return to zero” if I have to make a few different gcodes using the same ref stock point for different “sets” of the nested items, if I have to divide it up to keep F360 from crashing.

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Yes. That was my point.

But, you have a great offer from Tin:

Anytime that Tin does these videos, not only will you learn more about what you are currently trying to solve but will learn 2 or 3 other things that will explain or help you with future issues. Never fails for me.


Soon as I can when I get home

Here ya go

Nested front crosses with small crosses 45deg 34 x 32 sheet.dxf (1.3 MB)

I’ll start a live stream soon on how to deal with these sketches that have 10’s of thousands of sketch objects that makes fusion 360 preform poorly.

Live Stream Channels

hope I can start in about 15 minutes


Thank you TW! I don’t know why there are so many nodes on the geometry. It’s all based on actual math based curves. Maybe it was the export / import from my freecad (onshape) into deepnest that created them. I spose there’s no selecting start points with this many features w/o making my computer second guess life?