Fusion at the table

Do you need to have Fusion 360 on the computer running Firecontrol or can you transfer files from another computer?

No. You can transfer the files to the table computer. I use a thumb drive to take cut files from my laptop to the mini PC that I use on the table.

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Google Drive. Load it on both computers and by the the time you stand up the files are at the plasma/Milling Machine. You do need internet on both computers.

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Thanks for the info. I used to teach CAD so I have a pretty good desktop in my study and got an inexpensive laptop for the shop. I hadn’t thought about putting the files on Google Drive. I have WiFi in the shop, but it’s a little iffy.

Dropbox is another option like Google drive.

I set up a gmail account that I only use on the laptop that runs the table. I send the gcode attached to that email and retrieve it on the laptop. (Need internet at both locations.)

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I normally do Fusion in my office then I’ll just email the file to myself.

But I also do have Fusion in the shop at the computer that runs the langmuir and I can tell you it is awesome to be able to edit stuff and repost code in seconds.

I run Windows 11 on my shop computer with dual desktops one desktop will have Fusion running on it and the other desktop will have the fire control running on it then I just toggle in between them makes for very clean operation especially if you’re running antimicro like me