Fusion 360 very slow problems?

Anybody else having problems with free version of Fusion 360 being really slow … Or not working at all ???

It can be slow depending on what kind of computer you’re operating and on and if you’re using lots and lots of sketch geometry that one time.

It’s always good to turn your sketch geometry into a body by extruding as soon as you can. This frees up tons of resources. And you can always draw new simple sketches on top of that body to keep working your design and not eat up all your resources at one time by trying to include all your sketch geometry being perfect right off the bat.

There’s also a few preferences that can be modified to help out your resources when I get to my computer I’ll see how some of my preferences are set up and send them your way.

There’s also a few YouTube videos about adjusting your preferences to free up resources in Fusion 360.

I guess the main takeaway is keep your sketches as simple as possible turn them into bodies and add more simple sketches to them over time to make a complex design.

It does depend on your Internet performance as it always tried to out to the web even if you’re using design files locally.