Fusion 360 Update

So last week i was cutting with Fusion 360 all looked good after the issues in the beginning. Now Fusion is different and I have issues after set up. You used to hit cutting then 2D and put in your settings post process and your done. Now all the options seem to be for milling even if you pick the plasma tool. So now it looks like I’m back to starting over trying to figure this out. Anyone else have this issue?

Try going to manufacture and clicking the fabracation tab. thats where my cutting option is. And welcome to the gang.

Nice, Thank You. I was getting ready to maybe pull my hair out lol.

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I’m sue that it is a very powerful software but I’m glad that I gave up on it in the beginning, I want to cut steel not re-learn software with every update.

Good luck to everyone that used this software.

What software are you using and is it free or expensive.

I mainly use vinylmaster pro, which I got when I bought my vinyl cutter years ago, I just export my drawing in .dxf format and import it into sheetcam for toolpath, so no, both of these cost money. I have used inkscape and it is free with allot of tutorials on youtube and I believe that it exports in .svg which I think is better than the .dxf.
If I didn’t already have and know how to use what I have I believe that I would spend my time learning inkscape, but that is just my opinion.

Good luck