Fusion 360 tool path not full percentage

why does my tool path only go to about 30% and doesnt do anything else, wont move anynmore at all

This happens typically when you have a drawing has too much math going on.

Very detailed file.

Too much complex geometry.

And semi ellipsis are fusion 360 killers.

Setting your tolerance too high.

Tried to break up the tool path into a few operations and you’ll have more success.

Or revisit your drawing and clean it up.

If you post your DFX I’ll try to run it through fusion 360 on my end and I’ll get a clearer picture of what’s going on.

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This is almost always successful. Sometimes it’s not obvious that you can have multiple toolpaths in the same drawing. The simpler the toolpath, the quicker it will calculate and less likely that you’ll get the stalled processing issue.

I tend to create toolpaths based on different cut parameters - inside vs outside vs no-offset cuts, large vs medium vs small holes (affects lead-in values), etc. Even within a toolpath it can help to break a toolpath into others to control where it will cut so I can make sure the cuts don’t concentrate in one area but I can spread them out to help avoid warping or allow time to grab tip-ups.

Just make sure they’re all defined in the same Setup and they’ll generate into the same GCode file when you post-process.



That’s good share info. I forgot about that from back in the day when computers were really weak. Did the eaxtct same thing on laser I built. Always fixed the problem. Pasted the gcodes together at the end or just loaded multiple files without moving workpiece.

The good thing about defining each toolpath in the same Setup is that when you generate the GCode from the Setup it all goes into one file. You don’t need to do anything else to combine the toolpath GCode into an easy to load single file. Since F360 is stepping through the toolpaths individually, and those have already been calculated, the GCode generation doesn’t strain the PC at all.

I name each toolpath too so I can find them easier in the GCode. FireControl is good at being able to back up to restart if you need to, but I like having an English name available to help me find a line easier in the GCode. Names like Outer Profile Cut or Small Holes No Leadin makes more sense to me than the default names Fusion provides when creating toolpaths or setups.

Thank you so much for yalls help after reading the discussions itbwas to many paths and broken lines so we cleaned it up and got it to run

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