Fusion 360 to Fire Share Cut lines change

When I export G code from Fusion 360 to FireShare some jog or move lines turn into cut lines has anyone had this issue ?

Are you talking about FireControl?

If so…they might look like cut lines, but they don’t cut. I have seen this in the past and the first time I had to go back and look at my design also.

Often times that is when the plasma cutter is set to 4T (Click turns on, click again to turn off) vs 2T (needs to be held on to continue firing).

Check to see if your cutter has this feature set to 4T? It needs to be on 2T.

If you have a razorweld, make sure this light is on the setting with one up arrow and one down arrow.


Yeah I mean FireControl sorry !

I don’t even have the plasma cutter on when doing this in fusion the jog lines are correct but when I import to firecontrol the jog lines have been converted to cut lines. I will get pictures shortly

They just look the same as cut lines in firecontrol. I have seen the same thing a few weeks ago. They won’t cut. Just make sure you watch the simulation before creating gcode and you’ll be fine. Sorry audio will be bad but hopefully this helps with your concern. I don’t get too many things that concern me but i cut these letters on an old 66" two man saw few weeks ago and didn’t want to mess it up. Not sure why the lines showed up wrong but didn’t cut them.

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You guys are awesome. I appreciate the support I’m going to try and cut tomorrow and see if those lines don’t cut. The G1 in the code threw me off as well not being G0 which usually means the torch trigger is not activated. I’ll keep you all updated !


G-code explanations with information compiled from notations from @DS690, Langmuir document (G-Code Command Sheet) and www.thomasnet.com.

This is how the gcode will look at the beginning of each cut loop:
G92 Z0. - Set Z axis zero at the current location
G38.2 Z-5.0 F100.0 - Drive the Z axis down (up to 5 inches) @ 100 inches/min until it opens the IHS switch on the Z axis
G38.4 Z0.5 F20.0 - Raise the Z axis (up to .5") @ 20 inches/min until it closes the IHS switch
G92 Z0.0 - Set the Z axis zero at the current location
G0 Z0.02 (IHS Backlash) - Raise the Z-axis .02" to account for backlash
G92 Z0.0 - Set the Z axis zero at the current location
G0 Z0.15 (Pierce Height) - Raise the Z axis to pierce height
M3 - Torch on
G4 P1 - Pause (in this case 1.0 seconds for Pierce Delay)
G1 Z0.06 F70.0 (Cut Height) - Lower the Z axis to cut height @ 70 inches/min
H1 - turn on the Torch Height Controlller

Additional commands you might see include:
G00 Fast move
G01 Linear interpolation
G02 Circular interpolation CW
G03 Circular interpolation CCW
G17 XY plane designate
G20 Set English units (inches)
G21 Set metric units (mm)
G90 Distance mode/absolute command (default in FireControl)
G91 Distance mode/incremental command
G93 Speed rate mode - start the inverse time mode
G94 Speed rate mode - start the units per minute (default in FireControl)
H0 - turn off THC
M5 -torch off

Langmuir adds:
H0 is written into the preamble of every program to ensure that the machine controller has control of the Z-Axis to perform the IHS sequence:
G90 G94
H1 is written once the torch has fired, delayed, and moved to Cut Height - before starting a cut loop. Once the cut loop has finished and the torch must retract for the rapid to the next cut, the Machine controller needs to be in control of the Z-Axis so an H0 is again written, generally before the Torch Off (M5) command.

And the last line of code must be: M30 - end program
The very last line needs to be the program speed (cut speed) in parenthesis like (PS120) so this will appear as:

Version Comment
The first line in a FireControl Posted Program contains a comment that identifies the version
of the post processor that generated the program. This comment is intended for use with the
two Langmuir Systems supported Posts: Autodesk Fusion and SheetCAM.
Note: If you are developing your own post, be sure to use either (v1.6-af) or (v1.6-sc) in the first line of your program to ensure that FireControl will accept it. If you publish your post online,
please make Langmuir Systems aware by contacting our support team and we can assign a
character code for your post so that future versions of FireControl will accept it without
needing to mask as Fusion or SheetCAM.
G90 G94