Fusion 360 Tip For Imported Files

When importing dxf or svg files into fusion and if you are having problems finding open loops download the plugin “sketch checker”. Everytime I tried to extrude my part the image would disappear. Found this handy plugin and after you run it the open loops will show up in your drawing.



I downloaded the sketch cheker… but im not sure how to run it in fusion. Im sure its an easy thing to do, but im still trying to learn this stuff.

You have to be edit sketch mode. Not sure what to call that. Sketch checker will be under the inspect drop down menu. Once sketch checker has ran dots will show up where the lines are broken. Also, make sure that show dots is unchecked in your sketch menu. Each time you fix a dot you will have to run it again to show more. If all is good it will say no open something or another.

If you need more directions I can run a simulation and explain it in better detail.

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I found it and thank you! but now I have another question. When I go to the cam workspace and tell the computer where to cut, is there an easy way to make it pick the entire outline? Ive been going through and have to click on every little line and arc. Im sure there is a better way to do it. It is taking forever to make the contour selection on some imported dxf files.

@jeffhansen541 you can extrude and select whole part as an option also

Same as above. Extrude the part when in model/sketch. Click on the face in cam. Should give you all cuts with one click.

how do I import dfx files into fusion. when I open one of the files on the Fileshare it starts autocad and i cant figure out what to do from there.

Thanks for everybody’s help.

Create a sketch and then up on the top menubar is an Insert function. Click that and pick DXF in the dropdown. You’ll get a pop-up to select the DXF file.