Fusion 360 Software

Guys & Gals,
Is everyone here aware that the free Fusion 360 software trial runs out. and that the monthly charge to renew it is $60.00? I just found out the hard way, when I was designing a new part for the plasma cutter, and it would not let me save the file. So, I looked up in the right top of the screen, and it stated my free subscription had run out. I clicked on the block, and the renewal prices came up.
$60.00 a month.
So much a year
So much for 3 years
To say this was a shock would be a understatement.
Brian Sheridan

Some here has renewed it as a hobby license . Same as the first trial. For free . But as much as they change it up I wouldnt be saprised at all.

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Looks like you should still be able to do the “Startup” “less than $100k/yr” thing here…

You actually think Autodesk doesn’t cross reference the people that have already had a license?
The hobby license is limited, this whole product is predicated on the use of Autodesk Fusion 360.
That amount comes to $760.00 per year. Was anyone planning on that. Everyone who has a initial Fusion 360 license that was free, is going to have the same thing happen to them.
There never was a free lunch.

Just search and found a post on Autodesk forums that states you must click the dialog box and you just have to register again as a hobbyist.It is a older post…guess ill see when mine expires.

Actually you dont need fusion360 its the most conveinient barring the learning curve. you could use any other drafting orn vector graphics program and sheetcam to make your.parts

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You can just renew/recertify that you’re still a hobbyist making less than $100K off it. You don’t want to renew as a standard license unless you are making piles of money and should pay for it :slightly_smiling_face: