Fusion 360 Sketcher Checker?

Does anybody know about Sketcher Checker for Fusion 360 to find broken lines in your drawing… Can it be installed on the hobby free version of Fusion 360 ?? I downloaded it but cant find it… In Fusion 360…

It’s in the measurement section under inspect?

You would have to be in a sketch for it to function.

It does good with gaps.

But it does not find any of the semicircles being acutely cut errors. Which arguably is the type of errors that mostly come up.

Here’s James @jamesdhatch talking about it 4 years ago

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Looks like it’s been brought up 34 times over the years.

It does work with the free version.

Fusion is about to do an update though it’s going to wreck a lot of the add-ons until whoever designed the add-ons reworks the code.

Here’s this post from 12 hours ago that has a picture of where the location is


I just discovered this recently and it closes the open pathes on import instead of doing every one manually.QUICK TIP: DXF Import Utility for Fusion 360 - YouTube

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