Fusion 360 "Sketch Pallet" keeps disappearing

so I’ve only seemed to notice this problem after the last Fusion 360 update… the “Sketch Pallet” disappears… super annoying… it happens when i switch back and forth between one project and another in Fusion 360.
usually what happens is: I’ll start a “new design” like normal… and during that design i sometimes have to reference back to another drawing to get measurements and such, so i’ll open one of the previous projects to copy it or get a measurement from it, and then when i switch back to the “new design” that I’ve been working on, the “sketch pallet” on the R/H side has disappeared. this makes it impossible to change things like solid line vs. construction line, or to say turn on/off the “show constraints”.

what i end up doing is highlighting the whole “new design” then selecting “copy”, then i open up a new tab and paste it in there to keep going.

has anyone else noticed this? there was an updated that dropped this weekend (11/5/23) and I’ve noticed it ever since.

If you are editing a sketch and go into one of these other areas:
The sketch is automatically “Finished.”

You can right click on the sketch in either the timeline

or on the left hand side of your screen select “edit sketch” and it will open again:

You will know that it “finished” the sketch when you have the option to “edit sketch” when you right click on the sketch.

If you are moving from one project to another, it should stay open.

It is possible that your palette got minimized. Just click on the double arrows to open again:

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You don’t really need the pallet open to change the line type. Just select the line and then press the ‘x’ key and it will change back and forth between construction and solid line. But you will still need to be in edit mode to change the line type.

soooo, over the weekend there was an update to F360… fixed this problem. the sketch pallet stays where it is supposed to when switching between project tabs.


I’m not seeing a notification of any F360 update. Also, I just tried moving from Design to Manufacturing tab and the sketch was automatically Finished.

Maybe we have a different terminology for what is happening. Mind loading a few screen shots to show what you are describing as the fixed condition?

I was triggered for two updates in the last 2 weeks but nothing in the last 6 days.

Yes. Happens every time. Not sure if that is new but it does save you from having a manufacturing setup/tool path being immediately out of date with any little change with the sketch.


the two updates matches up with my timeline… the update a couple/three weeks ago is when i started noticing the problem, and this last friday when i used it again i noted a update was needed, after installing that update the issue no longer existed.

thank you again for your help and the work-around. it has definately helped me get through the issues i have with fusion 360- most of which have been self caused.

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