Fusion 360 Short Rant / Pierce Delay Location

Am I alone here in thinking the pierce delay setting should belong with the tool, and not with the machine/post processor? You have to create a new machine and load it for a different pierce delay setting, or just edit the code for each effected part. I prefer it was under the tools Cutter tab in the tool library. Granted, I imagine if you’re cutting just one type of metal in a narrow thickness range, it really doesn’t matter that much.

if you use sheetcam, the pierce delay is in the toolset. I believe the only option you have in fusion is right before you post process.

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Bit late to the party but in Fusion360 this can be in only the POST, MACHINE or OPERATION or a combination of them (rules do apply)

if you wanted more than a global control over it, then it would go in the OPERATION and would be settable per-operation.