Fusion 360 raising prices

So i just got an email that Fusion 360 is going to be raising its prices to $680 a year for the professional version, im currently using the free version and have been considering going to the pro version once i actually start making some money with this thing, the email said the new pricing will take effect after Jan 30th of 2024 but if you get in before that you will be locked into the current price of $490 until 2027 so my question is it worth it to bite the bullet now and get it or continue with the free version. Are there any other CAD programs that are comparable? Im still new and learning Fusion so now may be the time to switch, looking for advice but im leaning towards getting it.


It’s a no-brainer. That’s 41 dollars a month.
If that’s in your budget, it’s a great program. The pro version is a more comprehensive tool. No limitations.


Never ask BigDaddy if you should buy something! Been there, done that too many times. :rofl: :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :joy:

The worst part of my argument is I agree with him. I doubt there is anything comparable at the price. It is just the cost of doing business. Of course now I am telling you to spend money while I still plan to use the hobby version.

Seriously, if I were told that I had to pay to use Fusion 360, I probably would. I like it that much. (I hope Autodesk doesn’t read this)

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From someone that started with the free (Hobby) version and then upgraded, here’s just a couple of things that the paid version allows:

Multiple Drawing Sheets - Free version locked to one sheet
Improved model imports - I believe this is from AnyCAD
Arrange (Nest “Lite”)
Rapids in Macnufacturing - For Plasma this wasn’t a big deal. However, I occasionally generate G-code for a HAAS VF-3.
Number of “Active” models - Didn’t find this to be a big deal. Just had to remember to set models to read-only after use.

There may be other differences, but those are the ones that come to mind.


Number of Active models is essential if you plan to build assemblies, which, to my mind is where Fusion really shines. How many unique parts would you expect even a reasonably simple assembly to have? More than 9, you’re toast with the Free version.

The other thing rarely mentioned, but I think is very worthwhile, is collaboration with other fusion users. I’ve done this with a certain tin man and it is quite useful for doing a new design.

Finally, if you’re considering it, $190/year difference should be the clincher. Although, admittedly, from my perspective, $680 sounds ridiculous for my needs. Still, I pay more than that for VCarve Pro so…


It is a good program. I’d like the pro version, but i really cant justify the cost personally. You can save as many cut programs you want, but it depends on what you are doing. For 2 dimensional parts fusion is nice but overkill. You can honestly get by with librecad and sheetcam. If you use it for more thsn plasma cutting it would be worth it. I’m getting into 3D printing lately and the assembles they’re talking about come into play more so im thinking about it.

Also the get in before the price raises is a classic sales tactic to rase profits in the current quarter by forcing people on the fence into an emotional decision lol. So keep that in mind.



just a reminder


I called on this today and that pricing runs out on the 1-31. My subscription runs out 4-4-24.
if I take advantage of the offer on the 31st Then my current subscription stops and new one starts. So miss out on 2 months that I already paid for. It pays to sign up in January that way you don’t lose out.

That is good pricing about a $1 a day

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I still like my $0 a day since I qualify for personal use. I might have to move to paid subscription at some point.


I am not quite as industrious. I don’t believe Autodesk will be able to look forward to my money for sometime to come. If I do start making some money, I will gladly give them some. :upside_down_face:


In that case you’ve got a lock in to the current price until 2027. There is no need to buy anything before your subscription is up for renewal.

All this folderol is trying to sell NEW seats.