Fusion 360 Post Process

hello everyone! I am trying to set up my machine and software for the first time. I have gone thru the step by step instructions online from Langmuir which says to download the post processor for fire control. file has been downloaded but it says to click the setup in the configuration folder subheading… I have searched all over in the program while it is open and cannot find the configuration folder subheading. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I’m having the same problem. no answers

So I am a newbie too and I have found many many answers here.

In your computer browser go to https://www.youtube.com

in the search type " fusion 360 plasma cutting "

There are many very good videos on this subject an using Fusion 360, all free to watch.

Personally I have watched about 10 so far and have been so helpful.

There are no quick shortcuts to learning this, it take some work and a learning curve.