Fusion 360, paid or free version


Can anyone tell me if the paid version of Fusion 360 any different than the free version when it comes to finding and importing DXF files?

just curious…why use conFusion 360?

I’m just getting started with the pro and that it is what I have. Is there something better?

inkscape is easy and free…great arclight studio youtube videos.
there are multiple other programs free also…solid edge…

Depends on what you’re trying to do. Fusion is a really good 3D design package. Overkill (& thus often confusing) for 2D work.

I stopped using Fusion when they changed licensing models.

I use Freecad (free :slightly_smiling_face:) - their sheetmetal functionality is as good as Fusion’s so building aux fuel tanks and stuff is easy (it unfolds the 3D model and accounts for the metal stretch).

I use Inkscape or Corel Draw (I’ve been using Corel since the 90s) for 2D work and signs, art pieces, etc. Inkscape is free and there are a ton of good YouTube videos on how to do just about anything.

Thanks for the advise, I’ll check it out.

I just started a YouTube channel about my workflow that is pretty smooth. For less money than fusion charges per year, you could buy sheetcam and affinity designer, run them on a less advanced computer, and just go nuts (assuming you’re just working with 2d designs.