Fusion 360 or sheet cam? Which do people like better

I have been using fusion 360 and have been having freezing issues and extruding issues on fairly simple items. Seems like it’s dead slow all the time and works sometimes and sometimes just has errors, doesn’t respond or doesn’t extrude properly etc.
just wondering if people are finding sheet cam better etc ? Thanks.

Hypertherm also has a new pro nest month to month program.

Just wondering what people are finding easier to use etc thanks

My personal preference is Sheetcam although I use F360 for a lot of my design work (along with Inkscape) I found Sheetcam just suits me better for doing CAM. I just prefer the workflow and have found it super easy to use…

You can give the demo a try to get the feel of it though it will only process a very limited number of lines of Gcode. I’m totally happy with it and find it well worth the $$.

If you’re making more parts and things, Fusion is superior. Sheet cam is far better for the artistic type stuff.