Fusion 360 not working like it did last time i used it?

so i need some help. a friend wanted me to cut out a windmill so i started drawing it up. got it all drawn out moved to manufacture workspace to start post process like i always do. i could cut the outline but nothing else. so went back to design workspace. and found a issue that has never happened. when i was drawing the head of the windmill i just made a couple circles then 2 lines from center to the outside at a angle for the blades of the windmill. then used then for a circular pattern made my 8 or 9 blades. then started cutting out lines i didnt want it to cut. this little icon kept popping up on all the lines i removed. when i would zoom in as far as i could the blade lines did not connect to the “hub” circle. so when i would post process and tell the machine what to cut they would show up as individual lines and wouldnt let me cue the whole pie piece out. this is the same way i have done it before with no issue and now it wont work. its been a few months since i have used fusion or cut anything i dint already have drawn out. not sure why it isnt working for me. any help would be appreiciated

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that those who could help you, would be able to help you a lot better if you included you design file.

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If i knew how to do that i sure would have. I dont get very crazy with design so its about as simple as you can get

Best i can do is add some pictures tomorrow. I will have to draw it up again because i was getting frustrated with it and didnt save anything i also forgot to add with the inner and outer circles it was giving me a concentric constraint. (Whatever that means)