Fusion 360 not responding and crashing

I’ve been using Fusion for the last couple of months and I’ve started to get the hang of it. It’s always been prone to hanging up but it usually just gives me the blue circle and eventually catches up and I can get back to work. For the last few days it’s been happening more frequently and for the last day it’s been hanging up and not catching up which results in shutting down Fusion in Task Manager. Sometimes I lose my progress sometimes I don’t, but the main problem is the time it’s costing to keep shutting it down and restarting it every 15 minutes. I have made no changes to my PC, but I have no idea if Fusion pushed an update. My graphics driver is from June so if it’s out of date it’s not by much.

System Specs:
CPU : Intel i9-9900k
Graphics : EVGA GTX1080ti 11GB
Hard Drive : 1TB NVME SSD
OS : Windows 10 Pro

Is this kind of issue pretty typical with Fusion? If it is, is there an alternative to Fusion that works more reliably? I don’t want to change programs now that I’ve finally got my head around Fusion but I also don’t want to sink any more time into software that is not going to be reliable. Also one thing worth noting, when I’m in Task Manager I’ve only ever seen Fusion using 8.9% of my CPU and it’s never using my GPU at all. It’s using only 2-3GB of RAM, and my power usage is usually pegged at very high for Fusion. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Just uninstall Fusion. When you re install it it will be able to log in. There has been several Fusion updates in the last week. You know its updating by the number 1 next to the bell :bell: in the top right.


I re-installed Fusion and updated my graphics driver. It still hangs but it’s not crashing anymore. All of these issues were happening when I was working on a sketch, no issues logging in or working through an extruded piece.

A lot of times if Fusion has a problem with the graphics card it will put a banner at the top of the drawing saying graphics card is not sufficient. A lot of these giant files like full size American flags eat up all the graphics card memory. Oh well I’m glad it working out for.


If you’re using a really poor DXF that has thousands of extra sketch components in it it will definitely hang up in the sketch environment.

I find it to be best practice to make a sketch into a body as quickly as possible and then use other sketches to modify that body,it will vastly reduce the amount of processing needed.

The reason it’s slow is BC Fusion wants to actually do all the math and keep track of everything. We’re almost all other non-parametric programs don’t using far less computing power.


mine kept crashing on post, Problems with the file so I moved post to Sheetcam. Showed me where the error was. It was crashing every time. Really frustrating.