Fusion 360 Nesting Only 280cdn a month ?!

The nesting extension preview was great while it lasted.

Now only 280 a month or 2085 a year?! Canadian

only paid 2000 for fusion 360 for 3 years. Seem crazy that a plug in is 3 times the expense of the base software.

I now think I made a mistake going with fusion. at that kind of money it is tough to justify for a single user.

Does anyone know of any work arounds for a drawing already made in fusion 360? I tried Deepnest but it says it cannot convert to SVG which is not surprising.

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What do you mean by deepnest won’t convert it to a svg?

I select the import drop down menu in the Deepnest software.

I choice a DXF file that I exported from Fusion 360.

It loads for a minute then returns with the message.

“error: could not convert to svg.”

I was using fusion’s internal nesting arrange software until the preview period ended today.

I never used Deepnest before today so could be user error.

Just looking for an alternative way to nest a file from fusion without buying fusions arrange / nesting plug-in.

You can import as many dxf files that you want into deepnest to nest together. Once it comes up with a nest you can either export as a dxf or a svg. Just have to add .dxf or .svg to the file name that it saved.

Fusion saved files won’t have anything to do with it thats all I use 99% of the time.

I will try that thanks. I tried a less complex file and it worked fine.

I found with the more complex file i am using the “save as DXF” under browser drop in sketch will produce a usable file. I tried the “export” in the file tab but it keep giving me a fragmented DXF.

Export in fusioin or deepnest?

I always save my dxf’s in the drop down menu in fusion.

from fusion 360. Of the two ways to export a DXF from fusion 360 I found that only one of them works for me. could be user error on my part

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Whoa…I just saw that - I had to re-install fusion360 and the extension info was the update notes… Fusion 360 – Nesting & Fabrication Extension | Fusion 360 | Autodesk

It’s mindboggling to me they would do that. Deepnest.io it is…there’s no way I’d pay for that extension. It was buggy when I was playing with it - still even if they fixed the issues I had, I’d not pay that for it. Crazy!

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Between 10-20$ monthly I could justify. I found the fusion nesting work very well for more complex parts.

I wish they could consider the little guys, instead of pricing us out of their ecosystem.

I have some workflow figured out with deepnest.io now which gets the work done but you do lose your timeline data as a result.


I agree completely. I liked that the nesting was part of the project - having to dip out to deepnest.io is alot of extra steps. That pricing is nuts, though. I’d consider it for $10-$20, but not for $1,600 / yr (US) - $133/mo.