Fusion 360 misses small holes and bend slots


Im having an issue with my first batch of cuts.
Fusion 360 seems to be missing smaller holes and bent slots on several parts in the tool path portion. One of the files is the laser crosshair bracket. I think i have all of the setting correct. It will simulate bigger holes, just not the smaller ones. Any help or guidance wis greatly appreciated

You might try changing your lead-in value to 0 and see if it picks up those circles. Try that and see if picks up those holes. Not sure exactly what “small” is

Here is what I learned from @TinWhisperer:
These holes are about 1/8" and you can see the values I picked.

Here is what was picked and what was missed:

Now I change the values to get everything possible you would do thusly:


That took it to the extreme to try to get every thing possible but you could have done like @DonP suggested and go for a micro lead in but it still might not work if you don’t get the pierce clearance to 0.0

And with that micro lead in, we have captured everything:

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When you cut those how did they turn out. My friends son designed a 2x72 belt sander for one of his college classes. They asked if I would cut it for them. Some of the holes/slots are less than 1/4” and I a little Leary cutting them. Couldn’t get a toolpath on some of the holes with my goto rules.

Now to cut the bending line slot, I should have planned ahead. I have now redone the extrusion and this time extruded in a negative value so the body will be below the plane of the sketch. This allow the sketch to be visible. Everything will act the same as the demonstrations above but to get the slot, you need to make a separate cutting action with a separate tool path and have the sketch visible.

Once you open up this next cutting operation, my first goal is to set the cut compensation to be “center” meaning that you want it right on the line.

Now you change the cutting parameters. Notice I make sure to set the sweep angle to 0:

Now you have selected the line to cut:

Now for this to work right, that tool path needs to be moved into first position with the cutting action.
Here is the final full operation:

Move the relief line cut operation into the “first” position under this setup (you will see I have numerous “setups” - ignore everything except the last one). To move it you simply highlight with left click and hold, now slide up and the mouse will move the operation ahead of the other cuts. The reason it needs to be one of the first things is that your piece will have been completely severed from you sheet of metal and there would be no telling if it would have cut and if the metal shifted on the table.


The first time they were terrible…but none of my holes on anything were turning out very good so I just ignored it. Soon after, my coupler completely disengaged from the lead screw. It had been loose the entire time. I tightened the coupler and the second one cut perfectly. And now all my holes have been nearly perfect.
Edit: let’s say the slots cut well but perhaps not perfect. The holes were amazing but a touch undersized. I still have not spent the time to dial in my tools and methods. One thing that is definitely making me wonder of some little cutting errors is that my table is on wheels. I think I need to seriously consider bringing the feet down to make it more solid. All of those quick changes of direction are jerking the table all over the place at times.


When it comes to bend relief cuts, this has been the best way I have found as of yet.
Extrude to body, convert to sheet metal under sheet metal menu, add flange, or add bend if you wish to sketch a line on your body (if so create new sketch on body and sketch bend line).
select unfold
create a new sketch on bend profile
find center and sketch construction line.
center rectangle width =kerf width (.05 for me)
finish sketch and extrude bend releif (cut)
refold body.
i made a quick video that may or may not help.
apologies my screen recorder doesnt record pop up windows.
you will not be able to use lead in or out on a releif cut if you use a kerf width as shown for the size of cut.


I like seeing these other techniques. My method is rather crude by comparison. I have another project that I am making a rocket stove and have several panels that need to end up a specific size after bending. That could really help tighten up my sketch. Thanks!

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Yes sir, I prefer to model my items in the 3d workspace. If you extrude your body thickness to the correct metal thickness you’ll be using, fusion automatically configures the k factor bend radius that panel will require and your bends will be spot on!
Also the small cuts help to align things in the metal brake!


You are making me feel old with the “yes sir.” But I do like your contribution.


Lol! It doesn’t have anything to do with age. It’s just that rural hospitality.


When I run into that problem and it won’t pick up the small holes, I backed the program out and scale it up about four times. Then it will pick up the holes. Then when you’re ready to cut just scale it back down .25, on fire control, and you’re all set.


Ok. Thank you. I will try that today.
Im trying my first batch cut and want to make sure i dont waste any material.

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Make sure your air is on, the work clamp is on the material and try a “dry run” first.
Good luck.

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