Fusion 360 making me crazy (er)

Can’t scale ( trying for first time but following Langmuirs video ) trying to move a part and just get an hour glass ( I have done this many times ), I was able to find read only projects before and turn them to editable and edit but can not find then any longer. So is it me using the trial student hobbiest version for now as I have become and want to be accustomed to it more before I subscribe but this has me wondering if it is worth all of the time and effort that I have spent so far or is the paid version superior ? I have not looked yet but is there a way to contact someone at Fusion ? I would think not but maybe ? Thanks guys, I have learned a bunch and still have far to go but seems like they change things so often or could be me.

Maybe this will help. If your project is missing look at #1 pic. there is a little eye you need to have selected. this is just one way to scale an object. GL


Thanks DonP, that worked just fine for the scaling :+1:

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