Fusion 360 lagging

Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble with fusion 360 today lagging and not working properly? Create a line or a new dimension and it just sits there sometimes it loads and shows the dimension or object. Other times it just flashes the screen and everything I did as gone. turn it on two different machines both plenty capable of running the software 16 GB ram in each PC…

Mine seems fine. Fusion can be stressed out if a file is to complicated. I have several dxfs that will lock fusion up and shut it down. If your drawing basic things such as a line and its not working well, I then have no idea unless it was doing an update. I never looked.

I know its a diff topic but did you get your air dryer and try at the 75psi ?

@jimt got it all ready. Also installed a desiccant air dryer and new air lines today. Hopefully get to try again tomorrow if Fusion cooperates…

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It is a complicated drawing, but I am just trying to change some hole locations is all…

Good luck. It was all such a pain to learn. Im still learning every day. But its all worth it in the end.

Do you have a GPU? Have you tried forcing the program to use the GPU instead of the integrated graphics?

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This is the main reason I avoid using Fusion if possible. Basic parts are fine, but anything more, it’s a constant “click and wait” game, often goes to not responding. Just to “move” or “scale” can take a LONG time. I have an Asus ROG gaming laptop, with a decent Nvidia graphics card (yes the graphics card is being forced to run Fusion). I don’t see the computer being the issue. It just has to make SO many calculations to simply move a part. I wish there was an answer, but I haven’t found one. I just try to use Inkscape and SheetCam as much as possible, both run great!

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For what it’s worth, I have the laptop langmuir offered as an add on and it runs F360 relatively decent considering the price point. This is also the laptop I use to run mach 3 that controls the crossfire. I have another laptop that cost about twice of what the the one above did and it runs F360 about as well as sucking molasses thru a coffee straw on a cold day. As I write this, I’m thinking it has something to do with the core speed of the processor and not the amount of cores. I probably should do some research on this.

Wasn’t my computers at all. Today I made the changes on the same computer in a couple minutes…