Fusion 360 free version limitations

At some point when I installed fusion 360 free personal use version I read I’ll be limited to 10 drawings. Does this mean I can only save 10 files? Are there any other significant drawbacks to the free version that might be super annoying?

You’re limited to 10 cloud saved files, you can export as many as you want to your PC.


You’re limited to 10 files that can be opened for Editing (ie, not Read Only). As far as I could see, there was no other limitation (on number of files - there are limited capabilities).

If you reach the limit, simply convert one of the unused files to Read Only and you’ll be able to open another one.


Ok that’s actually what I remember was the 10 files that can be edited vs the read only. Is this only for the files stored on their cloud then? So I can save many editable files to my computer?

I haven’t used offline editing so I couldn’t say.

You can save the sketch as a dfx. File

I haven’t used the free version in a year or so, but I only basically only had the file I was working on as the one cloud based file. I always exported to f3d to a local folder on my PC and just used export in place of save. Mostly due to slow internet. I now have better internet and the paid version, so I no longer do that.