Fusion 360 free to hobbyist?

I was trying to learn Fusion 360 when I tried to use certain functions of the program a notice popped up that stated the CAM function was free until May 31 2020 and then after that it will no longer be included as part of the free program.

Has anyone else seen this and am I doing something wrong or do I have to apply for a different license or pay for that part of the program.

Thank you all

Does yours say ( Personal- Not for Commercial use) ?

Yes it does

Mine does also and i havnt seen nothing like you mentioned. I just opened it and checked again a minute ago.

has it been along time sinse you opened it?

no I had it opened last friday I was trying to use the manufacture function to choose a tool for seeing the tool path. This was shown in one of the Langmuir videos. Sorry I was not very clear…still and just learning

Did you ever get a resolution to this?
I am having the same issue.

No I purchased sheetcam and qcad, that is what i am now using