Fusion 360 file import (Solved)

Hey everyone! Ok Weird question most likely but I was wondering if there was a way to import files from Corel Draw into Fusion 360? I have tons of files in there that I would like to use but not sure if they would translate or even import from that program. Thanks

Not sure what Corel draw can export but a quick search shows this for F360… Hope it helps…


Thanks I believe I can save files from Corel Draw as DXF and then import them but not sure. Gonna have to cross my fingers and try it.

Let us know how you make out… Maybe others can benefit from this as well!!

Good Luck!

Don’t bother. DXF sucks. Do a File|Save As and then in the filetype box in the save window, select SVG (not Inkscape SVG which is a slight variant). This will bring up another box with SVG parameters. Check the box to save text as paths.

Then in Fusion you import the SVG - Fusion can support SVGs just like DXFs. But the curves in SVGs are true bezier curves and not a series of small segments connected to simulate the curve.

I use CorelDraw myself for most of my non-3D design work. I’ll use Inkscape for classes I teach since everyone can download it but I’ve used Corel since it first came out like 20 years ago :slight_smile:


Thanks for the input! so for all of my Corel Draw Files I can just go and save them again in a new folder as an SVG and still be able to use them in Fusion?

Yes. You can import those SVGs into Fusion.

All svg files I save from Coreldraw (2021 version) do now show up in Fusion 360. I get the cursors around the blank svg, but nothing appears at all. Is this a Coreldraw error/bug? Thanks.

Welcome to the forum!

A few questions, first:

  1. Have you been successful importing an SVG to Fusion 360 before?
  2. Have you tried converting a file that you know is good at a website like https://picsvg.com/
    (If you have not tried that site, it is great and free)
  3. Are you using Coreldraw as a drawing program and then just saving as an SVG or are you using it as a file conversion vehicle?
  4. Can you supply a picture here so we can see what is happening?
  5. Same with uploading the actual SVG file to this space… and we could try.

Sometimes those programs put a proprietary spin on a file so you can’t really open it in another program. I have PaintShop Pro and it tries to force its .psp format but I know to watch for it.

I think you only need to post about 3 more times and the feature will open up to you for uploading a file. Initially, it will only allow one file per post. Later it allows more.

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  1. Yes.
  2. Yes.
  3. Using Coreldraw as a drawing program and saving as svg, and/or exporting the svg. (I’ve tried both)
    Thanks very much.
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Also, sadly, picsvg.com was not very helpful. Thanks anyway.

It works fine:

J&EElectronics.f3d (257.9 KB)

Now it was not visible on my screen and really could not find it. So what you do in that instance is to double click the middle button (scroll wheel) and the screen shows only your drawing. There it was!

Edit: it was located down and to the right of the origin. Any attempts at using the scaling arrows did nothing so I just took a chance and clicked [OK].

Cool image!

Edit2: I guess the scaling arrows did something…I just was not able to observe. If you downloaded that f3d file I attached, you will find that the current image is 242 inches across!!! :rofl:


Imports into Inkscape just fine.

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Scaling won’t work because it’s locked. Unlock it and you’ll be able to scale.

Probably metric units. Yeah, 275mm wide.


Good God! You’re right! I just did what you did, clicked OK and the scrolled way out and found it! Wow… how did that happen? Thanks very much, my friend!

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