Fusion 360 Fail

I finally after 2 months had to give up on fusion fusion kept crashing and not responding when ever i loaded even a slightly complicated file i had their customer support team try everything they could but had no luck. they cancled my sub and refunded my money but now im lost!!! I have no soft ware and cant cut anything… Whart other Cad software is out their and what cam software can i use plz help

You will confuse the forum with multiple requests on the same topic. Your other topic is already getting responses:

“Help picking a good cad program” that you started 3 hours ago.


ghow do i delete im topics i dont want to confuse anybody and im not finding answers that i can understand anyway

There is no easy answer. Fusion 360 is the way to go. There are other good CAD programs. My opinion Fusion is it.
You can’t just bounce your way around the menus. You need to watch videos or take a online class. Local colleges have courses.
Once you learn the basics you’ll love it.
By the way the other programs have a similar learning curve.
As for the 60 per month for the subscription is well worth it, if your going in the sign business or whatever…
By the way. If your computer keeps crashing its probably the computer.

Just my two cents


My Two cents. I knew nothing about cad or cam before I decided to buy the pro I spent the 4 weeks that I waited for delivery online watching a ton of fusion videos bookmarking them and taking lots of notes. I feel I have made some pretty good signs and learned a lot on this forum also. I can’t speak of any other program but if a slow learner like myself can use fusion I would think you can to. Have you seen the stuff on this forum these guys are making with Fusion? Pretty impressive. I just use the free version as a hobbyist and for now it’s all I need. Try starting fresh with the free version and some basic stuff. Good luck


After ready some of the “Crappy Fusion 360” type posts, I have also wondered if it’s the people who subscribe to full version before using free one. I have only used the free version and find F360 pretty user friendly. I think that subscription version might just be overwhelming some folks. I agree the free verson doesn’t restrict us beginners.

I do get the black screen and freeze ups sometimes, but I usually attribute that to my 8 yr old Dell.

Not always. Sometimes you don’t need a fully featured 3D CAD/CAM program like F360. Like when you’re mostly doing art signs (flat 2D work) like the OP. Then very much of F360 is noise that gets in the way of the subset of things that are actually used to do 2D work.


Well, I guess this thread is attracting some attention so in an effort to try to help you get some answers, can you give a bit more detail of what you mean that “fusion kept crashing?”
Do you mean that it “hangs” with a black section on the left hand side of the screen and nothing seems to happen?
Do you mean that fusion simply shuts down like you exited the program?
Does your mouse stop responding to movement on the screen?

There are a lot of smart people on this forum and I realize you don’t know enough to formulate your question in a meaningful way but we have all been where you are.

I had asked some other questions on the other thread that I don’t think you answered (thus the problem with having two conversations going at the same time):

  1. What is you speed of your internet (if you know)? If you don’t know, would you say it loads pages rather quickly on the web or does it take more than 10 seconds?
  2. Is Fusion “crashing” during a particular event that you did, such as pasting an image or moving an item or during design or manufacturing?

Keep in mind: The reason most of us want to help is because we remember what it was like starting out. And some of us, like me, are still learning areas of Fusion and this helps me understand the mistakes and how to correct them. It is a win-win.

So work with us…and we will work with you.


Inkscape for 2d stuff. Works great and I use sheetcam for cam. Both are awesome programs and its amazing finding out all the different things you can create. Fusion is what I use for 3d design.

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