Fusion 360 expiring in 7 days

Question what happens when Fusion 360 expires. Can I do anything to stop it from expiring.

Nothing you can do. After it expires you can login to the Fusion website and renew for another year. There is a video floating around to explain. This was just discussed a few week ago. Do a search for Fusion 360.

You can subscribe yearly to their software.
It’s out to about 50 bucks a month or about a 1.30$ a day.

Pretty cheap considering the huge amount of time and effort and decades of experience they put into it.

But if you’re not making money with it you can just renew your hobbiest license.

Fusion 360 renewal

Says the man who can, at a moment’s notice, trivially warp his avatar to fit Olaf’s face!
I won’t comment on the value of conFusion360, other than to say I can get done whatever I need to get done without it.

When you do the renewal, do you loose all of your previous designs? Mine is expiring next week

I think they are attached to your email address on the cloud.

once you renew and log in you will have access to your cloud documents again.

if you are worried about losing them you can right click on the file and “add to offline cache” which will copy it to your computer. or export and save a F3D file.

personal renewal is at the bottom of this list.