Fusion 360 Empty Tool Path

I’ve spent the last 6 hours trying to create a file to cut. When I extrude the file, it looks great. When I go into the manufacture section, I get nothing but “empty tool path” and “closed contour has zero area”

I actually paid for the damn program, too. I try to export a dxf file so I can use SheetCAM and it takes forever and produces crap.

Is there a program that I can use to design a fairly simple 2D project in a format that is actually useable???


There are several options. I can tech you a workflow that is pretty easy. The trick is just knowing the settings and understanding how to make the file and you won’t be having any issues in sheetcam, and you can cut out fusion.

However, lots of people use fusion @Fortifyfabworks is great with it, but I think will agree that there are some files that post in sheetcam but not in fusion.


Did you create a Setup and then one or more toolpaths before attempting to generate? Is the error message you’re getting from the toolpaths definition step? Can you post a screenshot of when that error shows?

This isn’t a Fusion problem, it can do what you want, we just need to help you with the steps needed to tell it what you want.

Have you watched the Langmuir videos and followed their instructions to create an initial test part?