Fusion 360 .DXF to CAD/CAM surfaces and cutouts mixed up

I have built a drawing from a photo. I then simplified and saved as a .DXF. Now holes are considered surfaces which I cannot change. I am also having issues with setting cutting paths… One would think a hole would be one path, not many, many paths. I also added three letters and broke apart as per tutorials. Two look fine (except they are considered surfaces vs. holes), the other one is not the same.

I have seen similar hole/surface issues when I try to download a .dxf from the Langmuir site. I have watched tutorials many times. I am now 12 hours into this drawing. New users are not allowed to attach files for reference… sigh…

I must be missing something basic. Help would be appreciated.

PM me your *.F3D file and your *.DXF and we can dive into it.

And then I’ll repost them here too.