Fusion 360 cut path

Okay every time I download a dxf to fusion mainly the f bomb bottle opener . I put it in do it exactly as shown on videos . when I’m done and go to simulate it only cuts the outside of the opener but nothing on the inside . does anyone know why? it shows cut path for the inside pieces just isn’t cutting them out

wish I could help…but I do not use conFusion360…

Lol yeah right this is supposed to be easy but I’m not real good on computers

Are you selecting all the paths on the same setup or making two?

same set up exactly how it shows on the Langmuir videos . I tried it on the architectural plate also same thing it would cut out the outside but none of the inside circles

Have you tried changing the lead-in settings? They have the Lead-In Angle set to 90, which is fine for larger details, but I have a project that won’t create cut paths for many parts at any angle over 60. I changed it to 45 degrees and now almost all the parts have cut paths.

I still have a few details that won’t show up. I think they’re too small for the plasma to cut properly.

I am still a noob, so that’s all I got for you, lol. Hope it helps…

I will check that for sure appreciate any help I can get lol. I also got some that I finally figured out ran and torch shit off like 1/2 way in not sure what that is but it sure does waste a lot of metal lol

Have not heard much on this problem I am having with getting fusion 360 to cut inside toolpath. trying to cut fbomb bottle opener everything goes good just can not get the inside pieces to cut out . Does anyone have a cut ready file for mach1 they want to share .

if you are willing to spend a little money…brownfox offers one on one teaching and trouble shooting.

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“Cut-ready” is difficult to produce. That requires specificity about what torch & tip you’re using.

What you can get are “cut capable” files. Those are files that can be cut with a torch. That means there are no open paths on cut-outs, tight or sharp corners are smoothed out, close cuts are spaced out so you don’t have overlapping kerfs, etc. The f-bomb file is cut capable.

You’ll need find someone who has the same plasma you have, tell them what material you’ll be using and see if they’ll be good enough to share their GCode file. You might find someone who used Fusion and can get you the file with setups & paths defined as well so you can see why theirs works but yours won’t.

Or someone like @brownfox who can do an online session with you walking through the process.