Fusion 360 crashing

Good morning everyone, is anyone having trouble with fusion lately? I am trying to resize a image and the whole program just shuts down. I have tried probably 10 times now and every time it kicks me out, as you can imagine, its getting a little frustrating. Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Yesterday it was terrible. Haven’t been on it today

Yes it crashed my laptop. Had to reload but in fusions defence it’s probably my laptop been having problems not recognizing the drive

Ok thanks guys, glad to know that I’m not the only one

Was the project a saved project? Usually when f360 crashes on me it’s because I’m trying to do too much with a file that hasn’t been saved yet.

When 360 crashed on me , I had taken the deer out of a saw blade scene, patched it up, saved it then inserted a buffalo in it. Was On the 4th leg about 5 clicks from completing it and everything on the screen just disapered. The Not responding . At the top, closed it, reopened and had to start over. Not sure what happened. No biggie but sure hate to have it do that to often.