Fusion 360 cost

I got an email from Fusion 360, stating they’re increasing yearly subscription to over 500.00. I might consider paying the increase if it wasn’t for the trouble I have loading and using a LARGE file, takes way to long and sometimes will not load at all. So. when I first got my XR table, I bought the SheetCam software, now I’m back to school to learn the program, it will probably be easy enough to learn, but just takes time. Anyone else out there get the cost increase notice and have trouble with large files? If I was doing this as a full time business might not make that much difference, but just trying to make a little extra for the retirement.

They have it listed for $396 on their website? Bugs me when they give new users a discount and rake existing clients ala cable/internet/cell phone providers.

I think most subscription based fees you can count on them going up yearly.

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Hi Jerry,

Our community of users are at the center of all we do, and we’re always working hard to bring you the most innovative technology to enjoy.

With every product update, we’re pushing the industry forward and delivering brand new workflows. We’re also committed to improving what’s there and the tools you use the most. Check out some of the [top features delivered over the past 12-18 months] and what we’re focusing on for the [next major update]
Effective August 7, 2022, we’re increasing the base price of Fusion 360 to $545 USD* per year. We believe that this new price reflects the unprecedented value of Fusion 360 and supports our continued enhancements to bring you the best product design and manufacturing software experience.

If you’re a current subscriber, this new price will be reflected in your next renewal. As a reminder, when you renew, [you’ll typically save up to 10% over the cost of buying a new subscription.]
As always, thanks for choosing Fusion 360.

-The Autodesk Fusion 360 Team

This is the email I got.

Gotcha, maybe once the august date hits all users will pay the increased fee.

I guess it’s personal if it’s worth the increased fee. I would say even at the increase that is a bargain compared to some of the other design software that is out there.

I got that email too. My renewal comes up next September but I might just purchase another 3 years now.

They have a 20% sale on the current price in Canada right now.

I looks like this was one of the improvements with that lastest up date.

Unfortunately the new update seems to hang and crash 50% more also. Hung and crashed 4 times in 3 hours last night.

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I would start investigating your computers drivers and hardware.

Also how you navigate the workflow can definitely bog down preformance.
For example importing dxfs or svgs with tens of thousands of pieces of sketch geometry. Or not moving to bodies quick enough then performing modifications on those bodies instead of trying to perform all those modifications in the sketch environment.

There is a few preferences that can be adjusted to help your performance. I posted some links about it in the past I’ll see if I can find it.

I have a pretty decent computer and I find my performance is more than adequate while running fusion.

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No, it was just the update, they pushed another one yesterday and it seems to be back to normal. The computer is only 2 weeks old and that’s really the only software on it. My buddy with a M1 MacBook Pro was also having the same issue.

That’s good, they were promising improvements.

We are in the same boat. Fusion 360 freezes on large files constantly! I have contacted fusion 360 multiple times about this issue. They have helped me through my freezing problems but it takes a couple of days. I have the crossfire pro with razorweld 45 plasma and have been doing my best to keep up with demand. I wouldnt mind paying increase if they fixed the constant problems .