Fusion 360 beginner question

Hello all, new here and I had a question and apologize if it has been asked I didn’t see it anywhere.
When working on my design in fusion 360 if I want to make a single line/pass cut it doesn’t identify the cut, it will only do a slot or a wider gap for an actual cut when I’m in the manufacture tab. I know a single pass (kerf width) cut is possible so if anyone would be kind enough to link me to a site or a youtube video explaining this I would be very appreciative. Thank you in advance!

Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you want to do single open line cut. There are a few ways to do it so this is one of them.

  1. You must click the eye of your sketch to show your lines. You can do this in design prior to moving to manufacturing or in manufacturing.

  2. Do the normal setup and on the second tab of the 2D profile do “Chain” and follow steps in picture.
    TIP If you have more than one single open line you can just select them after the first one and should repeat cut for next line.

  3. On 4th tab you want “center” compensation for line cutting


  1. Last thing about doing lines is removing lead-ins/outs and setting pierce clearance to zero.

Good luck and hope this helps.


Thank you so much!!! I will give this a shot!

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I have a similar question. I have done this with straight line, but I am now trying to do a curved line. When setting up the cut profile it makes me select the curves and tangent individually, whereas the outside edge of part can be selected as a single cut profile. (not sure if I’m using all the correct words for this question.) in picture, blue arrows have to be selected individually, and red arrow can be selected as one cut line.

Sorry I can’t make a video until later tonight but I can tell you to select “open chain” and you want to click on a line then go to next line and double click it should select all attached lines and make it a single open chain. Make sure you change to “center” compensation and no lead in/out.

Difference is “open” and “closed” I believe it’s in the second tab “chain”.

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Here is a video on cutting your design above…