Fusion 360 Arrange (nest) feature

Has anyone got to grips with Fusion 360s Arrange feature for nesting parts?

I’m having some trouble with it, I can’t select multiple bodies or sketch elements from the model or the browser, just one allowed. Any idea where I’m going wrong? tia!

Did you draw one washer and then used the array tool? If so that’s the reason. Arrange is kind of finicky at this point. Hopefully they keep improving it.

Yes I did, I’ll try again!

I created a new sketch for each object and it still won’t allow me to select more that one of them at a time :confused:

What can I use it the interim until I can get this working? Is there a Fusion plugin for nesting? Or do I need another software just for that?

Hmmm I just check to see if I was able to use the arrange function in case something happened in the last update. It worked fine.

Check out this video. Maybe it will help.

Nesting video

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One thing that I ran into was unless I created a new component on the Root for the sheet of metal. it created it as child of one of my other components that my Bodies were in that I wanted to nest.
The arrange function can’t deal with the plain being a child yet.

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I’ve watched this video three times and a couple of others, it just doesn’t work like that for me! I must be doing something wrong, if I do a video screencast maybe you can help me out? :pray:

Yup! No Problem.

I made a quick video for you that shows how to use arrange in the design workspace. Which I think is much easier. Take a look…hope it helps.

Video of arrange function in Fusion.

Perfect thanks, that explains it, I just needed to make components from the bodies first! :slight_smile:

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