Fusion 360 and crossfire post issues

I am having a problem getting things to post from fusion 360 to mach 3 also having problems getting the crossfire mach 3 post to download. Every time I watch the youtube help it doesn’t help and I get different looking screens. also having trouble with getting the full version of mach 3 to download. been at it for a week and no luck.

There is no “full version” to download. When you get the license, you just need to copy it to the main Mach3 folder. Mine is C:\Mach3 and the license file was Mach1Lic.dat if I recall correctly.

Once you do that (you can verify that it worked because when you restart Mach3 it should say “Mach 3 CNC Licensed To: yourname” in the title bar on top) we can step through your other issues.