Fusion 360 Add-ins

Add-Ins have been discussed within other threads but I thought it might be nice to have users report on some the Add-Ins (sometimes referred as Apps) that they find helpful. These are tools that become part of Fusion 360 but accessing them can be confusing if you are not familiar with them.

If you have one you want to include, try to give the following information:

  1. Function it performs
  2. Link to website/download
  3. Cost
  4. Any issues getting it to work properly or your experience with it
  5. How to access within Fusion 360

Nifty Dogbones for Fusion 360

  1. A fast and robust tool for adding dogbone fillets to the inside corners of a model.
  2. https://ekinssolutions.com/product/nifty-dogbones-f360/
  3. Free trial, one time charge of $20 recent update Sept. 2023
  4. It takes the minimum amount of material out of the body when you have two or more pieces that rely on locking together.
    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fj4lZdQKQ4w

5. It only works on bodies so it needs a 3 dimensional object but the menu is easily found in the drop down “Modify” section of either Design or Manufacturing.
A new feature (that I just found a minute ago) is rounding all corners with a simple selection:
This body:

Becomes this with a few menu clicks:

But here would be the dogbone if desired. You select how large the dogbone will be and the program remove the bare necessity plus a smidge to get your part to fit. In this first example, I set the diameter of the hole to be 0.25 inches:

In this example, the hole size used was set to 0.15 inches:

Another product that I know many have used is " Fill Gaps in Sketch", I will include some the detail but hopefully @DonP can fill us in on some of his experiences with it.

Fill Gaps in Sketch for Fusion 360

  1. Fill Gaps in Sketch add-in scans a sketch and attempts to detect and fill gaps between endpoints of lines and curves in the sketch. It is particularly useful in an imported woodworking sketch geometry.
  2. AutoDesk App Store: Fill Gaps in Sketch | Fusion 360 | Autodesk App Store
  3. Free trial, then one time $10 charge. Recently updated July 2023.
  4. It will save you a lot of time of some sketches. It is not 100% successful.
  5. You will need to be in “Edit Sketch” mode and the click on the drop down menu of “Create”. You will see it near the bottom:

Like I say, hopefully, those who have used these and other apps will offer their experiences good or bad.


Nifty DogBone Example:

This is an actual application of the dogbone that I used when I made my Rocket Stove for the Fire Stove Contest. These parts were the interlinking pot holder pieces. They are made out of 12 gauge. Here you will see the different settings:

(Notice that I used really small settings for the holes: 0.07)

They fit perfectly:

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