From scratch, Re-design AMERICAN FLAG


imageTOOK LS (LANGMUIR SYSTEMS) Flag concept and many others I’ve seen through the internet and did a complete design from scratch. I Designed it in INKSCAPE.
I’ve seen many just bolted to the front of a piece of wood I didn’t really like that and saw how Langmuir systems Flag had the ends bent over the edges and I did like that so I took those two concepts and designed a flag from the ground up using ink scape
My design has indexing T’s which create a guide/tabs for the bend And also reducees the amount of steel you have to bend 90° this allows for Straight and even bends On light gauge and very heavy gauge steel without the use or need of a sheet metal press / bending brake.

This FLAG IS 21” X 11” X 1.125”
0.080” mild hot rolled steel
Solid southern Pine
Colors are airbrushed Inks


outstanding I like it.

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Thank you
It turned out to be very popular