Fresh ideas to bump orders for the holidays

Here is a new one hope to bump Christmas orders.


Very nice!

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That’s awesome! Good job!

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Thanks guys for the compliment. I wanted to do live edge board but my stockpile is getting thin. With the shelf on top it measures 25x 17. I powder coated it super matte black from Columbia coatings. I am beginning to love that color shoots on super smooth.

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I am curious can you make any money on those? Or do you just do them for gifts?

One similar is priced on Etsy around 240 bucks. I do sell stuff (I am not goin to meetings) I have a addiction to tools to support . I know I am not the only one. In two years I sold enough stuff to pay for my complete setup. As far as the other art stuff goes it is kinda dry around here no one has money anymore. I have around 25 bucks in it and close to 2 hours time. I will probably advertise a little over 100 bucks considering I don’t have to ship.


I guess I should have said in my first post. Feel free to share your ideas as well.

So do you typically make a bunch of them or just one at a time?

I have thought of making like 10 of something and then I think what if nobody likes them.
That piece you made looks very cool I think $100 is very fair


Thanks I have a bunch of different stuff made. When life isn’t beating us down we will set up at a craft fair. We usually make a variety just to spark interest. Where I live people love our stuff but not interested in prices. They have no clue what it cost.

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You can make a good “faux live edge” with a grinder. Tilt it at a shallow angle and follow the grain lines. I usually “aim” the top of the grinding wheel about an inch & half in from the square edge. Then grind back to there. You can also run a sharpie along some grain lines and grind it back just past the sharpie line. It makes a natural looking wavy “live” edge. A regular grinding wheel or even a coarse flap disk will work but a Holey Galahad wheel is faster and will make short work of any wood.

Then follow it up with your sanding discs and treat it just like a real live edge.

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Hey thanks!! I may have to play with that idea some​:+1:. The only sad part is I know the truth :grimacing:.

My buddy sold his sawmill I used. Oh well another thing on my wish list. Shew I need a bigger yard.:disappointed:


Good job,great for fund raisers.
I’ve made similar , i volunteer with backcountry horsemen in the mountains clearing wilderness trails from downed trees, so when we get together for events,meetings.etc, i brought a sign type plasma cut out of our unit logo which is a horsemen and 3,4 pack nules against mountain background,and auctioned it offf at the event.
Maybe you could do the same.