Free Software or purchase

Question for you guys, do you have to buy the yearly license program to use the machine or are there other options.?

The software to run the machines, Firecontrol, is free. However, you also need software to create the G-code files that are necessary. You cannot just load DXF files into Firecontrol and cut them.

There are two options for creating G-code that works in Firecontrol:

  • Fusion 360, which is free from Autodesk for hobby users. This software can be used for design and creating the necessary code to run the table.

  • Sheetcam costs $140 for a lifetime license. This software is only used for creating toolpaths and G-code from designs made with your choice of design software. Sheetcam is not a design program.

Personally, I use FreeCad and Inkscape for design(both free) and Sheetcam to create the code for cutting my designs.

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Thank you for the information bud.

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Fire control is the program to run the machine itself it comes with the purchase or is free you can say. The are many cad options several are free. As far as cam goes f360 hobbyist version is free yo can also buy sheetcam.

Thank you for the reply.

What kind of work do you plan on doing? maybe be can tell you that best cad program to chase.

oh, just kind of a side hustle, making garden stuff to sell at flea market. downloading premade files to transfer and burn.

Got ya artsy stuff. F360 is used by a lot what little I used it was for mechanical stuff . Several love inkscape it works well for that kinda thing .

We was already familiar with the programs for our vinyl plotters that is what I use for artsy stuff. My mechanical stuff I use qcad the sheetcam for cam.

Be careful who you buy already drawn stuff from a lot needs work done to. We only buy from a select few.


Ok, Thank you for the information.