Free play on Z with out moving ball screw

I just noticed this today I can move the torch up and down maybe 1/2" with out moving the ball screw.
Is this correct?

Not sure what format I need to upload a video, but I have not figured that out yet. so here is the link to you tube.

Also I was going to mark a post as SOLVED, but could not find the pencil icon on my original post.
I did see it on replies but not the first.

Thank you

That’s normal, it’s how the IHS works.

Thanks Scott

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@ScottNH One more question, I noticed there was a fair amount of play in the bearing/rollers
that keep the Z axis square to the bed. I took the slop out and want make sure I don’t have it to tight. Does your torch drop down if you raise it to the upper portion of the free travel?

If I understand your question, you’re wondering if you push the z up if it should free fall? It should definitely be free to move up and down and fall to the bottom of the selected travel if you let it drop. That is how the IHS works it goes down until if contacts the work, then it continues to drive down until the IHS switch opens. If the assembly isn’t free to move up and down with gravity the IHS system can’t work. This video is long but it will really help you figure out what’s going on there. Speed the video up to 1.5 :slight_smile:


That’s what I wondering I will double check it to make sure it is free in it’s movement.
Thank you

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