Found a step saver in Fusion

Some of you may know about this, I found it by accident, and I see a lot of people using the right click and then click edit on vids and other tutorials.

Rather than right click on an item (component, body, setup, profile…) you can double click (left) on the icon immediately to the left of the name and it will open it back up.

Screenshot 2023-06-22 040635


Second one I want to add, may be another common usage thing…

Trying to do a dimension, and you can do math equations and different measurement (SAE or Metric) in the dimension box.

I.E. a circle, line, rectangle can be done by 1.658/2 and you will get the result of that. I needed if for a item that I had the diameter, and doing a 2 tangent circle, Fusion wanted a radius so the equation in the field fixed that rather than trying to do it in my head or opening up the calculator.

Dimention math
Dimention math result

I had an item that was a metric in a SAE component, so I was able to give it the MM and got the result in SAE


Been using fusion for a while and didn’t know the first one. Thanks.

On the second, yup math and mixing units is very useful at times when dimensioning something.

On the radius vs. diameter math thing, you can use the math of course, but you can also right click when dimensioning to set the cirlce dimension as either a diameter or a radius.

Thanks for the tips.