Forum Newbie with Primeweld Cut60

Howdy y’all,

Getting my shop setup for plasma and appreciate this forum for the questions it has already answered so I figured I’d better join.

I’m looking into getting a cnc table and would like a machine torch for the Cut60.

Is the port on the Cut60 compatible with most brands of tables?

I understand the machine torch George sells is the one to get but that they are backordered?

Thanks in advance!

You can ask George directly by including @mechanic416 in your post.

Ok thank you. @mechanic416 are the cut60 mechanical torches available sir?

The Tecmo PTM 60 machine torch’s will be here some time in April. Now if you need a machine torch now then you will have to contact me direct.

Thanks April should be good should I get on a list or pre-order in some way?

You need to send me a email to be put on the list.

Thanks email sent.

You won’t be disappointed! :grinning:

Langmuir should hook up with Primeweld to bundle the CUt60 with their tables instead of the Razorweld. Seems like a better option overall.