FOR SALE! Crossfire Mach 3 Control Box NEW!

I have a new, never used Mach 3 control box. I bought a Crossfire from a lady, it was still in the box from 2019. I believe it’s considered a Gen 1 unit. I ordered the FireControl and THC upgrade before i used it. I’m asking $200. I’m having trouble uploading pics, but if you are interested please email me and I’ll send you the pictures.

You won’t be able to upload any photos/files until you have posted about a dozen times (I just made that number up…don’t know the actual number). And starting a topic doesn’t count. So post a few more times on this thread and some others, then you will see that you can upload a file. And, initially, it will only allow one file per post.

Welcome to the forum and good luck with setting up your system.

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