For Sale: 3D printed machine torch holders

1st post here so please let me know or remove if not allowed. I had/wanted to custom make a torch holder for my PRO that would fit my Hypertherm 45XP machine torch. I custom designed and printed one that has held up really well. If anyone would be interested in buying one to try on your machine let me know. I know Langmuir sells one for around $70 (and theirs is aluminum I believe), but this would be a cheaper alternative if you have that need.

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That looks good, but most machine torch use 2 holders.

Do you have a picture of your machine torch in the mount?

Yeah, I noticed that the one Langmuir sells does include two mounts. Mine has not seemed to have any problems. I figure if a hand held torch uses one and has the handle hanging off perpendicular to the mount, then a torch that is in line with it should be fine. Just for fun I’ll model a 2nd one and set it up to see if your suggestion works better though.

I will get you a picture 1st thing as soon as I’m back at my table!