Fold up crossfire

Anyone here have a crossfire table that can be folded up against a wall when not in use?

I do know someone who lifts his plasma table (not CrossFire) up to the ceiling so it’s out of the way. @bLouChipBlacksmith care to comment?


@TomWS yes, I’m happy to share the design and concept.
@Shynon , you are welcome to DM for more details, I have the implementation documented on a few sites, including not just hoisting to the shop ceiling, but also the build of the CNC which includes three swap-able process heads of plasma torch, router, and laser. The table remains on the shop floor, has a built in dual level water pan and serves as a fixture welding table when the CNC is hoisted up for storage.
As Tom mentioned, I don’t have a CrossFire model, but what I have seems to correlate more with CF Pro model having four Y rail legs. You’ll notice I mount my CNC controller on the hoist-able open bed frame, so I don’t have any cables to detach for hoisting. The open bed frame also provides for a “land-on-surface” CNC unlimited work area size. In the case of std CF model having just two legs and one Y rail, the thought that comes to mind is a hinged set of legs to allow X and Y to rotate/“fold” up and out of the way 90 degs; perhaps that is what you had in mind. That looks doable just based on the pictures I’ve seen of the CF. Anyway, here are my links to details of my CNC build… Enjoy.
bLouChip Consulting - YouTube
bLouChip MV gallery - Google Drive in addition to pics, see the 'video topics.pdf for more details.

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